Week in Advance

"Week in Advance" for:

January 24 to January 28

“There is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”- Winnie the Pooh

Good morning to all our VMS families!!!

In our ever-changing world we are often faced with unforeseen events that challenge us as human beings, beyond our comprehension. How we manage the situation, and the after-effects describe who we are as parents, as siblings, as individuals. If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it is the importance of taking care of one another, respecting one another’s beliefs and ideas even when they do not mesh with our own, and understanding that without genuine respect, empathy and care we cannot be successful in our endeavours whatever they may be.

The past few weeks, I have been required to address several situations that once again have challenged me as a parent, as a professional and as a colleague. It is important to share with each of you, that every decision that was made at our school, was done in a manner where the interests of ALL our students was front and center, at all times. Some of our decisions may at times have conflicted with a family’s personal values and beliefs, and for that I apologize, but please know that if this has occurred to your personal situation, it was not intended. A school’s mandate is to ensure the success of every student following the directives of the Ministry of Education, the School Act, and other governing bodies, all the while ensuring the personal health and safety of all. As our school’s principal, every decision that I make may not be a popular one, but it is one that makes the most sense to me, considering all factors, some of which cannot be shared with individuals due to confidentiality restrictions. Contrary to some beliefs that have been shared the past few weeks, my own morals and values do not and cannot play a role in this decision making. But what does play a role are my thoughts as a parent......how would I feel if I was a parent in our school and this decision was made.... does the decision put our students first and what do I need to share to ensure that the decision makes sense to all?

As we enter the last week in January, please know that our school team values the opinions of our community and is always looking to make our school a better place for all, but the sharing of ideas is appreciated if done in a manner of mutual respect and understanding for diverse points of view. Please remember that as parents, as adults, our children look to us as role models and how we carry ourselves, our mannerisms and our interactions with others have a direct influence in how our children see the world around them.

As we look towards the forthcoming week, please make note of the following Items and Dates of Interest: 

All Things Covid:

Parents have asked this week about the Covid situation in our school and the appearance of a lack of communication in respect to possible Covid-positive cases in our school. As the community is aware, Covid tracing is no longer in place as it was earlier in the year. As a school we are grateful when parents contact the school to let us know of a positive case as we can then try to adjust in what happens in the classroom. What we can no longer do is inform parents of this new occurrence. In response to families who have asked about our school’s situation, I will respond with this statement......VMS is a school of 927 students. Our school reflects our community and therefore what is happening in our community can also be seen within the school. We have all the protocols in place that we can have, and each staff member is doing their very best to ensure that these protocols are adhered to by each student. But we cannot do it alone as we need ALL Vedder Middle School families to work with us to ensure not just the well-being of their own children but of those around them as well.

All staff, students, and visitors are to complete daily health checks and stay home when sick

Items of Interest:

Parking Lot .......... issues have arisen again the past two weeks. It is important that the flow of traffic is always followed due to the congestion that is present each day. Please remember and adhere to the following:

  • The lane immediately in front of the school is for Bus Traffic only between the hours of 7:30 am and 3:20 pm. Please use the other lanes when dropping off or picking up your child.
  • The parking lot has ONLY ONE ENTRANCE. Please respect the signage and use the entrance to the lot and the exit to the lot as identified. Not only does using the wrong exit create a dangerous situation for yourself and others, but it also creates an embarrassing moment for your child that they should not have to address when their peers question them about it.
  • Please keep in mind that the busiest times at our school are at 8:20 am and 2:15 pm for 15 minutes each time. If arriving at the school at this time, please be prepared to use patience and a calm demeanor with others in our school community. Aggressive, demeaning behaviour accomplishes little except that it will be addressed by school staff and if applicable by law enforcement

Basketball this week .......... If your son/daughter is on a school basketball team, please review the attached schedule for practice and game information for this week. Please keep in mind that scheduled games may be cancelled with short notice due to transportation challenges in our district attributed to illness in staff.

Please make note of other dates for this week:

  • Monday, Jan. 24th (Day 1) .... 7:15 am – Grade 7 Jazz Band
  • Monday, Jan. 24th (Day 1) .... 9:45 am – Grade 6 Basketball Team Signups
  • Monday, Jan. 24th (Day 1) .... 7:00 pm – Grade 6 LFI Registration Meeting (see attached)
  • Tuesday, Jan. 25th (Day 2) .... 7:15 am – Grade 8 Jazz Band
  • Tuesday, Jan.25th (Day 2) .... 2:30 pm – Choir Practice
  • Tuesday, Jan. 25th (Day 2) .... 2:30 pm – Running Club with Ms. Olson 
  • Wednesday, Jan. 26th (Day 1) .... 7:15 am – Grade 7 Jazz Band
  • Thursday, Jan. 27th (Day 0) .... SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY – “PLAID PALS THURSDAY”
  • Thursday, Jan. 27th (Day 0) .... 7:15 am – Grade 8 Jazz Band
  • Thursday, Jan. 27th (Day 0) .... 2:30 pm – Running Club with Ms. Olson 
  • Friday, Jan. 28th (Day 2) .... School Spirit Day – “School Spirit Wear”
  • Friday, Jan. 28th (Day 2) .... 12:30 pm – DOVE Girls mtg.

Enjoy the remainder of your Sunday!! As always, please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, etc., as together we continue to make VMS a great place for our students to learn and to flourish.



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