"Week in Advance" for:

May 9 to May 13

“Youth fades, love droops, the leaves of friendship fall.  A mother’s secret hope outlives them all.” - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend and took some time today to recognize and appreciate the person(s) that each of us see as “mom” in our respective homes. As we enter the second week in May, please make note of the information identified below. As always, feel free to contact me at your convenience if you require further clarification on any items/activities taking place at our school.

Items of Interest:

  • Attention ALL Parents/Guardians.......... Please see the attached ‘Flyer’ from our PAC. Due to their students moving on to Grade 9, several our PAC Executive can no longer serve on the PAC as they no longer have children in our school. Please consider donating some time to our school next year as we cannot accomplish the plans we have without an active PAC in place. We look forward to seeing you, for our In-Person PAC meeting, on Wednesday evening this week.
  • Attention Grade 8 Families.......... Please see the attached document from Sardis Senior Secondary School, inviting parents/guardians to attend their PAC Meeting on Monday evening, in their school library.
  • Attention Grade 7 Families.......... Our WEB program, sponsored by Ms. Fugger, is a great opportunity for our present Grade 7 students to make a difference in our school culture next school year. WEB Leaders play an important role in the successful transition of new Grade 6 students to our school. Please find attached an application form that was given to all interested Grade 7 students 3 weeks ago. If your son/daughter did not receive a form or has now decided that this is something they want to be part of, please pass on the attached form to them and have it handed in to the school office by Wednesday of this week.
  • Attention Grade 7 Families.......... Community Health Nurses will be at our school on Wednesday this week to provide the second doses of the Grade 7 Inoculations that were initiated in November of this school year. Grade 6 students will receive their second doses on May 30th.
  • Athletics for this Week.......... Please see the attached schedule for this week’s games and practices. Please note that the Grade 6 Girls’ Soccer play dates have been cancelled due to other schools in our district no longer having teams. 

Please make note of other dates for this week:

  • Monday, May 9th (Day 2) .... 7:15 am – Grade 7 Jazz Band
  • Tuesday, May 10th (Day 1) .... 7:15 am – Grade 8 Jazz Band
  • Tuesday, May 10th (Day 1) .... 8:30 am – Grade 8 Fieldtrip (Petkau/White)
  • Tuesday, May 10th (Day 1) .... 2:30 pm – Choir Practice
  • Wednesday, May 11th (Day 2) .... 7:15 am – Grade 7 Jazz Band
  • Wednesday, May 11th (Day 2) .... 8:45 am – Grade 7 Fieldtrip (Hoeppner/Mottishaw)
  • Wednesday, May 11th (Day 2) .... 7:00 pm – PAC Meeting (VMS School Library)
  • Thursday, May 12th (Day 1) .... SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY – “Plaid Pals Thursday”
  • Thursday, May 12th (Day 1) .... 7:15 am – Grade 8 Jazz Band
  • Friday, May 13th (Day 2) .... SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY – “School Spirit Wear”
  • Friday, May 13th (Day 2) .... 8:45 am – Swimming Fieldtrip (Faure/Marples)
  • Friday, May 13th (Day 2) .... 8:45 am – Grade 6 Fieldtrip (McSween/Shand)
  • Friday, May 13th (Day 2) .... 9:45 am – Grade 6/7/8 Fieldtrip (Warawa)
  • Friday, May 13th (Day 2) .... 1:00 pm – Gauss Math Contest (Grade 7/8 Students)

Have a great week!!