Week in Advance

"Week in Advance" for:

April 19th - April 23rd, 2021

This week's news from our School Principal to all families:

Good Morning and Happy Sunday everyone!!

I hope you have had a chance to enjoy the great weather this weekend!! Please make note of the following items of interest for this week:

Attention All Parents...... With the weather continuing to be warm this week, a reminder that it is important that students come to school “ready to fully participate throughout the day.” As indicated last week, our school does have a dress code which requires students to wear attire that allows them to fully participate in all activities, planned and unplanned. This means that clothing needs to be comfortable, allows for maximum movement and is applicable for their role as a student in a school. The clothing also needs to be safe......over-sized clothing can be a safety concern in a majority of the Exploratory Classes as it can inadvertently get caught and create a dangerous, hazardous situation for the student. In addition, footwear should allow for maximum participation as well. Open-toed shoes are fine to wear as long as the student has a pair of “athletic shoes” at school in case the class goes out for an activity which requires athletic footwear.

Attention All Parents...... Numeracy Awareness Month continues this week. Please check the school website for updated information regarding the Problem of the Day challenge.

Attention All Parents...... Earth Day is on Thursday this week (April 22nd). In recognition of Earth Day, this week we are asking our students, staff and visitors, if at ALL possible, to utilize an environmentally friendly mode of transportation to and from school each day. Students riding a bike to school, are reminded to wear a helmet, adhere to the ‘rules of the road’ and to bring a bike lock. We are looking forward to seeing a significant drop in the vehicle traffic this week and a significant increase in students and staff enjoying the fresh air going to and from school each day.

Attention Parents of Grade 7 Students...... An important component of our school is our WEB Program. This program, led by Ms. Fugger, connects new Grade 6 students to VMS with Grade 8 students and thereby building a connection across grade levels ensuring that each student feels that they belong and are cared for not only by staff but by peers as well. This past week, Grade 7 students were provided with a WEB Application Form. Grade 7 students who are interested in being part of this program next year.... when they are in Grade 8...... are asked to complete the WEB Application Form and return it to the school office by the end of next week. Please discuss this with your son/daughter and encourage him/her to consider being a part of a program that has positive, lasting effects on the culture of our school.


For this upcoming week, please make note of the following activities:

  • Monday, April 19th(Day 2) .... 7:00 am – Grade 7 Jazz Band
  • Tuesday, April 20th(Day 1) .... 7:00 am – Grade 8 Jazz Band
  • Tuesday, April 20th(Day 1) .... 12:30 pm – “School Spirit Squad” meeting
  • Wednesday, April 21st(Day 2) .... 7:00 am – Grade 7 Jazz Band
  • Thursday, April 22nd(Day 1) .... EARTH DAY/SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY – “Wear Green, Blue or something that shows you care about the Earth”
  • Thursday, April 22nd(Day 1) …. 7:00 am – Grade 8 Jazz Band
  • Thursday, April 22nd(Day 1) …. 11:00 am – Grade 6 Bike Field-trip (Mdme Daneluz)
  • Friday, April 23rd(Day 2) .... SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY – “School Spirit Wear/School Colours”
  • Friday, April 23rd(Day 2) .... Outdoor Ed Program Field-trip

Thank you for your continued patience, understanding, flexibility and support. Please continue to feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, etc., as together we continue to make VMS a great place for our students to learn and to flourish.

Enjoy the remainder of your Sunday and have a great week!!



April 19

Day 2

  • 7:00 am - Grade 7 Jazz Band



April 20

Day 1

  • 7: 00 am - Grade 8 Jazz Band
  • 12: 30 pm - School Spirit Club meeting


April 21

Day  2

  • 7:00 am - Grade 7 Jazz Band


April 22

Day 1
  • EARTH DAY / School Spirit Day - "Wear Green or Blue or something that shows you care about the Earth"
  • 7:00 am - Grade 8 Jazz Band
  • 11:00 am - Grade 6 Bike Field-trip  (Mdme Daneluz's class)


April 16

Day 1

  • School Spirit Day - "School Spirit Wear/School Colours" Friday
  • Outdoor Education Program Field-trip

Information & Announcements

Technology Acceptable Use Agreement

Technology Acceptable Use Agreement

Parents/Guardians need to complete an online Computer/Technology permission form for their child as soon as possible. 

If students do not have this online permission form complete they will not be able to sign in to any computer, Office365, or wifi. Please click here to access the online form.

The deadline to have this form filled in is September 31st, 2020, after September 31st the students will not have access to