Please see our Cafeteria Menu for 2018-2019

Sub $3.50  Grilled Cheese $2.00
Chicken Burger $3.00 Soup $2.00
Wrap $3.50  Pizza Pretzel $2.00
Chrispy Chicken Wrap $2.50 Mr. Noodle $1.25 
Chicken Caesar Salad $2.50 Soft Taco $2.50
Caesar Salad $2.00 Ice Cream $1.00
Quesadilla $2.50 Chocolate Milk $1.00 
Veggie Tray (Pre-Order) $3.00  Hot Chocolate $1.00
Fruit Tray (Pre-Order) $3.00 Juice & Water $1.00 

Daily Specials

Monday Daily Special - Surprise! $3.00
Tuesday Daily Special - Surprise! $3.00
Wednesday Mac n' Cheese with Garlic Toast $3.00
Thursday Pizza (Cheese, Pepperoni and Ham & Pineapple) $2.00 / Slice
Friday  Grilled Cheese with Caesar Salad $3.00

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Information & Announcements

Inclement Weather Guidlines

Inclement Weather School Closure Guidelines

Inclement weather conditions such as freezing rain, significant snowfall or high wind can occur during the fall and winter months. In such conditions, decisions on the opening or closure of school district facilities are made by the Superintendent of Schools, in consultation with management and supervisory staff, who have checked first-hand on the driving conditions, walking/sidewalk conditions, and general condition of buildings and accessibility to sites.

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