Please see our Cafeteria Menu for 2019-2020

Sub $3.50 (Pre-Order)   Grilled Cheese $2.00
Chicken Burger $3.00 Soup $2.00
Wrap (Pre-Order) $3.50  Pizza Pretzel $2.00 Mr. Noodle $1.25 
Chicken Caesar Salad $2.50 Soft Taco $2.50
Caesar Salad $2.00 Ice Cream $1.00
Quesadilla $2.50 
Veggie Tray (Pre-Order) $3.00  Hot Chocolate $1.00
Fruit Tray (Pre-Order) $3.00 Juice & Water $1.00 

Daily Specials

Monday Daily Special - Surprise! $3.00
Tuesday Daily Special - Surprise! $3.00
Wednesday Mac n' Cheese with Garlic Toast $3.00
Thursday Pizza (Cheese, Pepperoni and Ham & Pineapple) $2.00 / Slice
Friday  Grilled Cheese with Caesar Salad $3.00


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Information & Announcements

Technology Acceptable Use Agreement

Technology Acceptable Use Agreement

Parents/Guardians need to complete an online Computer/Technology permission form for their child as soon as possible. 

If students do not have this online permission form complete they will not be able to sign in to any computer, Office365, or wifi. Please click here to access the online form.

The deadline to have this form filled in is September 31st, 2020, after September 31st the students will not have access to