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Vedder Viper Clubs - Come on Out and Get Involved    

Click here for a more detailed spreadsheet on what Vedder Middle has to offer for Clubs, Sports and Spirit Days


Homework Club afterschool – Monday to Friday – RM 209

Chess/Blockus/Tabletop Games in the AM/Break/Lunch – Monday to Friday – Library


  • WE Club at Lunch in RM 806
  • VMS Hangout afterschool – Multipurpose RM


  • Choir Rehearsal at Lunch – Band RM
  • Newspaper Club at Lunch – RM 807
  • Breakdance Club at Lunch – Mini Gym
  • Board Games/Lego at Lunch – Drama RM
  • Homework Club at Lunch – RM 413
  • Gamers Club afterschool – Library
  • Cultural Activity/Beading Club afterschool – RM 413


  • Math Club afterschool – RM 225 & 216
  • Theatre Drop-In afterschool – Drama RM


  • Amazing Book Race at lunch – Library 
  • Homework Club at Lunch – RM 413
  • Gentlemans Club at Lunch – RM 715
  • Choir Rehearsal afterschool – Band RM
  • Gamers Club afterschool – Library


  • Choir Rehearsal at Lunch – Band RM
  • Collectors Club at Lunch - Library        


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Technology Acceptable Use Agreement

Technology Acceptable Use Agreement

Parents/Guardians need to complete an online Computer/Technology permission form for their child as soon as possible. 

If students do not have this online permission form complete they will not be able to sign in to any computer, Office365, or wifi. Please click here to access the online form.

The deadline to have this form filled in is September 31st, 2020, after September 31st the students will not have access to